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Wedding day groom outfit

&Nbsp;   although the marriage has been "accepted" like set up specially for the bride stole, but the groom can of sloppy, think of wedding photos, life your way you looked at it many times that day with her, don't you think you should do carefully design their wedding outfit?
&Nbsp;   If your wedding is not formal, (day or outdoor) that you can not wear dresses, suits can be, but must be monochromatic suits, monochromatic shirt.
&Nbsp;   basic principles of dress long neck collar clothes for people, otherwise, might as well wear lapel.
&Nbsp;   shirt cuffs should be half an inch to an inch longer than the suit cuffs.
&Nbsp;   the knot of the OBI should be pointing up.
&Nbsp;   sock color must match with pants.
&Nbsp;   If wedding you may take off the coat, which should be worn body vest, rather than a bare half back of the vest.
&Nbsp;   color suit the basic choice is: black, black, black.
&Nbsp;   remember: single-breasted suit, three-button must be on two button, two button suit just above a button. Single buckle leisure suits for body fat people, three-button suit is to keep the lanky high school age men love, two button suit-the most popular. Double breasted suit with rounded lapels, or pointed collar shirt.
&Nbsp;   shirts and white shirts are essential, some brides choose white wedding dress, then you will be in trouble (will not show you a little bit), but you're still on the white shirt, whether you prefer a suit, dress shirt in white shirts sure are real. Shirt pocket should have dyed, should also have a crisp collar.
&Nbsp;   tie if you of wedding very grand, on brave to try try black tie's; special fashion of men will wear hard hard of color butterfly knot tie, if you not this class people, also is don't adventure, or you looks not as groom, pour like a to 构词成分。, hanging belts also need, and to black with grommets son of that--most is security reliable.
&Nbsp;   vest or cummerbund both of which way to go, depending on your personal style, and if you don't belong to the fashion vanguard, recommend our favourite colour – black. You're the groom, not funny clown, remember: waistcoat, wide belts be sure to cover your suspenders.
&Nbsp;   shirt and cuff links simple is good, gold or silver can best embody the tastes, will show the groom's quiet elegance.
&Nbsp;   shoes and a pair of simple black leather tongue, polished it, light to the bridesmaids can use your uppers when makeup/shaving mirrors. BACK