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Selection of wedding accessories, to pay attention to?

&Nbsp;   If a wedding is most likely to make the bride shine bright spot, the right accessories always enhance the bride and the overall effect is the best weapon. Bridal Accessories doesn't have to be fancy or special, and co-ordination between bride and wedding dress is the most important. Icing on the cake to do, rather than a danger, and master the skills mix is absolutely necessary.
&Nbsp;   classic Accessories 1: veil whatever headdresses are not as good as the veil are more prone to make atmosphere. White of veil still is best of select, but if to more some points, may wish to attempts to some compared chic of match: If wedding has very simple, so fine and complex of retro type hollow lace veil can increased a few minutes Grand of feel, in color match Shang, pure white of wedding and Silver series of veil will compared match, and non-pure white of wedding distribution Golden of veil also will has unexpectedly of effect.
&Nbsp;   in addition, Corolla, capitatum and cute hat is good for hair, but don't dress up as Christmas trees Oh!
&Nbsp;   classic accessories 2: gloves glove is a product of the Victorian age, when all the formal occasions women wearing gloves, or loss of dignity. Today, the gloves give the elegant feeling. Glove material should be harmony with the wedding, and change as possible. In addition, different styles of wedding dresses also should have different gloves to match:
&Nbsp;   short sleeve of wedding for distribution lining length to wrist of gloves, wide shoulder with of vest wedding for match hand elbow length of gloves, and no shoulder with wedding may wish to match long to hand elbow above of style; wear long sleeve wedding best avoid wearing gloves, if must to wearing words, pair short of on good has; if you too himself of hand too rough, long hands elbow of style does not for you; and too long of gloves also not for was small or hand more short of bride.
&Nbsp;   classic accessories 3: shoes for wedding shoes should not be worn by those who can wear to work or friends party! Foil wedding shoes, style tip design, and with the appropriate color and design is not only beautiful, I felt like Cinderella in the story, towards the happy life. In reality, the bride naturally, it is not wearing a pair of glass slippers to marry real glass slippers on with crystals, beads and other materials with a reflective effect, you can show "glass slipper" glitter and also more comfortable when wearing. At the same time. Noble materials such as silk Bridal Shoes material, but popular elements such as dust, spray paint and cloth shoes, such as magic, is undoubtedly more suited to cute bride. BACK