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Bouquets how to match dress

&Nbsp;   round bouquets: is often used a more traditional model, if the bride's dress is tight waist, skirt from the waist up style, suitable for selection round bouquet. Posture is also suitable for Petite brides handheld round bouquet.
&Nbsp;   waterfall-shaped bouquets: is a popular type of bouquet, elegant, free and easy, gorgeous beauty. Soft lines, flowers and leaves with pendent, swaying in front of a white wedding dress, and dynamic. Dressed in a skirt "a" style wedding dresses of bride best waterfall-shaped bouquet in hand.
&Nbsp;   triangle holding flowers: bouquets of three different lengths of circular form, is a variegated form. Styling unique, suitable for tall brides hands.
&Nbsp;   Crescent-shaped bouquets: this is suitable for slim, the taller bride armed with beautiful design. A romantic appeal.
&Nbsp;   s-shaped bouquets: s-shaped bouquet blending classical, traditions of the cylindrical wedding dress very well, steady and generous bouquet of the bride suits armed with s-shaped. S-shaped Bouquet has beautiful flowing lines, gives a gentle, elegant feel, could well bring out the one quiet, earthy qualities. BACK