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Wedding dress choice

&Nbsp;   wedding is coming up, how can I find a wedding dress that suits your figure and wedding style or dress?
&Nbsp;   high build--Figure large:
&Nbsp;   OK: uses spherical skirt dress design, and do not use Pannier skirt. Alternatively, you can also choose to set earlier than the flat, and a skirt or fabric-covered details of dress.
&Nbsp;   NG: enlargement is a style, such as the use of drum-shaped cushions support the hem of a skirt, this design will make your clothing is too overwhelming, your lover's clothes will lose Center design of the other is too close, it will make you look too long.
&Nbsp;   Petite:
&Nbsp;   OK: for most Petite but well-proportioned ladies, the proposed selection of Princess. This style has no lateral line, can make your body look more slender. (Cropped version of cheongsam keeps one eye moves, increased leg length. ) NG: straight skirt is so Petite you easily overlooked in the wedding party, so you should have the fullness of the skirt so that important moment worthy of the red carpet.
&Nbsp;  --Bosom chest small chest type:
&Nbsp;   OK: If your chest is not full, it is best to choose those details neckline is fancy design dress.
&Nbsp;   NG: simple lines is not appropriate here, will make your chest look flat.
&Nbsp;   large chest:
&Nbsp;   OK: for overly large breasts should be used in an open collar design. Lower t or v-lead is the first choice, another very good option is to select "Princess" dress.
&Nbsp;   NG: If closing design, large breasts can make the bride look very funny. Strapless design help. Because you have to hide a very low profile chest, but this will usually bring the lift up chest high, inverted triangle to open the vest is a no-no.
&Nbsp;  --Shoulder shoulder-shoulder width:
&Nbsp;   OK: strapless dresses for women with broad shoulders are the best choice, because it makes you ignore the broad back. If you really want to choose strapless gowns, there are programmes, neck strap style, must be close to the neck, its lines will converge to the Centre of attention, this is your shoulder without actually look so wide.
&Nbsp;   NG: wide straps wedding dresses and shawls design is best not to try, in dress or dress with shawl will make you the broad-shouldered too prominent.
&Nbsp;   narrow the shoulders:
&Nbsp;   OK: If you want to make your shoulders look wider, wider tape will work better, you can also try a shawl bolailuo-open chest jacket or wear. Strap is to do options, another alternative would be enough to cover the shoulder shawl collar.
&Nbsp;   NG: neck strap Halter and strapless aspect will only make your shoulders look narrower. Dress styles, skirt not to make it too big, or it will make your shoulders look narrower.
&Nbsp;   neck--Neck neck-type:
&Nbsp;   OK: well dressed collar, non-necked belong to the bride. Exquisite feeling combined with moderate cover up, everything was beautiful! Show entire neck collar, can make your neck look not too slender.
&Nbsp;   NG: strapless gown, revealing too much in front, longer beautiful long neck, the overall effect is very poor.
&Nbsp;  -short neck:
&Nbsp;   OK: it is recommended that you preferred strapless designs, or simply select v-neck style. Suggest you put hair up, leave enough space above the shoulders.
&Nbsp;   NG: try to avoid any form of collar, the collar necklace peace align, if your whole collar was open, so that people's attention will leave the neck extend down to the chest.
&Nbsp;  --Depart thick waist detail:
&Nbsp;   OK: enough waist full skirt will make less conspicuous, cut joints also can be used to deceive the eyes of the people, if the design near the cut of the longitudinally at the waist seam, seam line of regular outward, people will focus on those vertical lines and they waist the same thin.
&Nbsp;   NG: close-fitting tube dresses, hiding the cut itself lacks the body lines and straight in shape, it is even worse.
&Nbsp;   butt busty:
&Nbsp;   OK:A-shaped dresses can cover up the pear-shaped figure on the bride's body nearly all flaws, makes you look slim and tall. Typically, hip charming busty brides have chest curve and slender waist, which should focus on shows in two basic areas.
&Nbsp;   NG: fishtail skirt tight hip design amplifies the body's flaws.
&Nbsp;   arm:
&Nbsp;   OK: on his arm is not satisfied with the bride should choose a strapless style. If the popularity of the sleeve styles, then try Bell-or trumpet-shaped long sleeve dress. This models the arm portion of the line is better.
&Nbsp;   NG: tight, long sleeve styles or straps will be making arms more to attract people's attention. Lantern or Cap short sleeves are not the most important, it will tighten their belts in the largest part of your upper arm, damage your arm curves. BACK