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Germany married man love for the table and the cat

&Nbsp;   likes to pet owners has a lot, but people who love meeting married his pet is very rare. Just recently, Germany, a 39 year old man because of the excessive love of one's own pet cat, and their 15-year old female cat held a wedding, marry her as his official wife.
&Nbsp;   alternative wedding: Germany men's love for the table and the Cat got married and married animals currently in Germany is illegal, not a church or register Office officials are willing to micixieliqi to preside over this ridiculous wedding, so the groom had to pay 300 euros to hire a Germany actress Christine • maliya·luoheli at the wedding ceremony as a "Minister".
&Nbsp;   wuwei·micixieliqi and groom is 39 years old, is Germany possendorf, a postman in eastern cities, his house has a 15-year old female cat "saixiliya", because micixieliqi cat into delusion, he cat saixiliya "jump through hoops" saixiliya love to eat something, micixieliqi will buy something for it.
&Nbsp;   due to the condition of food is superior, saixiliya eat fat and fat, lack of exercise it even suffered from asthma symptoms, combined with its advanced age, veterinarians believe it will die soon. This diagnosis was feeling pretty sad by micixieliqi, in order to express his love for the mother cat saixiliya great, he made a surprising decision: in front of the cat saixiliya died, both formal and "marriage", and took it as his wife.
&Nbsp;   in this wedding, micixieliqi and groom in a wedding gown, wearing a black hat, and "cat bride" saixiliya is dressed in a white wedding dress.
&Nbsp;   as "Minister" when asked whether the bride and groom want to married life, micixieliqi answer loudly "I do", and saixiliya was duly "Meow" cried a voice, is answered. Of course, the phrase "cat language" on behalf of "I do" and "unwilling", maybe only the groom can understand. When the "Minister" to groom said: "you may kiss the bride now. "Groom cat without hesitation sent an affectionate kiss on the mouth. BACK