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Honeymoon travel considerations

&Nbsp;   1, forget booking a double room.
&Nbsp;   you don't laugh, this is very important when booking hotels, especially when travelling abroad, or when traveling by cruise ship.
&Nbsp;   2, neglecting to save money travel plans.
&Nbsp;   contact with travel agencies, there are a lot of plans of a series of activities, to travel alone than you peace of mind, save money.
&Nbsp;   3, rely too heavily on friends and relatives.
&Nbsp;   can ask them for recommendations, but Don was influenced by them. To conform to their own interests. In terms of accommodation, and try not to bother them.
&Nbsp;   4, book a wedding the next day starting early in the morning of the trips, flights.
&Nbsp;   If you have a wedding dinner, you will certainly not be able to sleep very early. Late flight will give you enough time to prepare.
&Nbsp;   5, do not make your honeymoon budget.
&Nbsp;   before the trip, planned to spend how much money should be spent mainly on what.
&Nbsp;   6, for a person to do all the planning.
&Nbsp;   honeymoon is two things. If you do all that, if you plan to run poor, you will feel very uncomfortable, if you don't participate, you may be not satisfied with the results.
&Nbsp;   7, accommodation to save money.
&Nbsp;   maybe in other travel can be, but not during their honeymoon. Even if you think you are not staying in the House for a long time, you'll regret not booking a comfortable room. I'm afraid most regret is the honeymoon, "we should spend a little more money for a deluxe room. ” BACK