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Elegant bride

&Nbsp;   don't invite more guests you should party, occasion decided up to throw in the towel. Give the guests a comfortable dining environment is the biggest etiquette. Environment too noisy, crowded and inadequate ventilation are rude to the guests. Ask the waiter, studied the original number of tables and chairs placed, can be a very good number of estimates can be. You should also be aware of is that site should be relatively independent, if you let the guests sitting in the adjacent living room, they could see the ceremony, it is also less attention to guests.
&Nbsp;   attention to detail to handle details in the feast, to give others a meticulous, thoughtful and elegant impression. First arrange the guest seats can help form the atmosphere to dinner. If you are self-catering party, don't forget to put some chairs guest sat. Cigarettes should be readily desirable, each table or put a few packs of cigarettes, or remove the cigarette erected in suitable containers, such as glass. Ashtrays should be big and deep, is located everywhere.
&Nbsp;   send invitations as soon as possible you should send invitations to the guests as soon as possible, usually 6-8 weeks in advance in order to facilitate the preparations and arrangements. Specially printed invitation shows that the wedding is very formal and impressive. If you want to save a little, should also be guests on the invitation to see your sincerity, like handwritten invitations or invitations to do some minor decoration. Should indicate the new name, the time and place of the wedding, the program, if necessary through the famous dinner dress; invitation raises the best "give an answer" or "not for dinner echo the words". Two weeks before the party, should give guests call to determine whether to attend the wedding, you should say: "* month *, you like ** and I attended a wedding? "Instead of" Hey, you must not I can tell you that's not all. "
&Nbsp;   inkjet in the new arrival, after the next float. A storm of confetti, grain, nuts, ink-jet printing to your "attack", ink-jet printing is widely used in the modern wedding, but it has a certain degree of risk, and may stick to the hair and dress well blown, how do you avoid? First of all should be replaced with colored paper inkjet, when floats in, the bride can put down their veils, so "beautiful" attack after Lifting the Veil, can continue to Grace's performance.
&Nbsp;   wedding dress the bride will wear 3 dresses at the wedding, should pay attention to is, don't choose casual clothes. If you want to be in front of guests and friends show their sexy side is very untimely, because during the other 364 days of the year you can be more sexy more sexy, but on this day the bride must be elegant.
&Nbsp;   considerations before the ceremony the ceremony to tell you what kind of host you are going to a wedding, vulgar jokes warned him not to. Both men and women, the wedding ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand. In the bow, salute the new angle not too big, avoid watching the guests while bowing, that image would be very ugly. In time for the ceremony, if you think the hand no place to put it, may wish to take a small bouquet.
&Nbsp;   champagne and drinking etiquette most taboo is to bottle when the bottle on her friend's face or any of surrounding glass, porcelain and fragile, new people be careful. Once the bottle cannot be stopped, because of increased pressure within the bottle, if the left handle in the Middle, the stopper may suddenly burst out to hurt people.
&Nbsp;   waiter pour wine Shi, don't hands-on to took glass, and should put glass put in table Shang by waiter to pour; for avoid hand of temperature makes wine temperature increased, right of holds Cup posture is with thumbs, middle finger and index finger hold Cup feet, pinky put in Cup of base fixed; drinking Shi cannot sucking with drink, but tilt glass, let wine natural contact to tongue. Gently shake the glass of wine in contact with air to increase the wine's bouquet, but not the violent shaking of the Cup.
&Nbsp;   gaffe: a gulp, drinking through the looking glass people, holding wine glasses to talk while drinking, eating, drinking, wipe with finger print of lipstick on the rim of the glass, and so on.
&Nbsp;   not to ignore a person during a child, you have to remember to send them a red envelope; thanks to the arrival of each guest, smile to them. For photographers, sound engineer, you also should not be overlooked that should have to leave their seats and meals.
&Nbsp;   toast toasting etiquette, upper body upright, legs, feet. Required when drinking, according to protocol order consists of a toast to the host and the guest. All table seats should take into account, not to delay too long at the one table, as this may give rise to other table waiting and dissatisfaction. Don't think a good relationship with SB, you can later call or not to greet, best friends will be gone. When the waiter, eyes or hands, or bridesmaids please tell in a low voice. Don't shout or use "feed" to call.
&Nbsp;   throw bouquets and throw the sock circle ritual after the wedding, the bride will back the people throw bouquets, meaning to pass the happiness of marriage to unmarried friends, received bouquets will become a happy bride. Is in need of attention, throw bouquet, someone must be received and flower balls must be tied, because "San" means separation meant. Roll the sock circles are rare in our wedding, removed sock ring for the bride and groom at the wedding. Back they brought the sock circle throw (usually a blue sock ring), to your brother, soon to be the next groom.
&Nbsp;   seated in Chinese-style wedding, the new is not seated dining. But often in the Western-style wedding "bridal table" for the couple to rest, eat. In fact, most of the wedding are combining Chinese and Western, if you please not many guests, toasting can be seated after eating something. Bridal table, adjacent to the bride and groom, groom was a bridesmaid, the bride was the best man on the other side, close to the best man is the little maid. As hospitality staff friend and bridesmaid will follow in turn seated alternating men and women. Seated to the left of the Chair is the most appropriate way. When eating, upper arm and back up to the back of the Chair, belly and the tables are about one fist's distance, avoid crossing your legs or leg stretching postures. Before dinner, you can open the napkin, fold one-third, two-thirds tile in her lap, covered portion of the legs above the knees. Do not tuck the napkin into the neckline (napkins to wipe your mouth not to sweat).
&Nbsp;   after the end of farewell and wedding photo, the couple should be at the ceremony (or men) ex-Group photo with the guests, shaking hands and hugging after farewell. Or after that with some very close friends to the new homes sit on a "door" habits of ritual according to China's customs, three days after their wedding, the bride and groom together back home. This is a very important ritual typically takes four gifts, and wear more formal clothing. After coming home first greet the elderly groom remember changed to call MOM and dad. Eating toast to parents, relatives want to thank all that they do, do not rush to leave after a meal, and take the initiative to invite parents to our new home. BACK