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5 secrets to make you more "photogenic"

&Nbsp;   State official stance was to say, "natural and confident" photo true magic, this is quite true. Perfect debut in front of the camera, there is a simple way, is the official stance of the State: the body straight, head natural rise out of basically is the best for you. In addition, the feeling of the skin is also very important. In order to ensure that your skin on the day health compact, vibrant pictures, first of all, you want to drink plenty of water, and 3 days before the wedding to stay away from salty foods.
&Nbsp;   makeup effects to play in order to ensure the smooth skin texture, you should choose a reddish or bronze powder makeup; cream is not suitable for taking pictures with the shiny makeup, oily makeup will appear in the film the reflective effect. Also note, Foundation of similar color to their skin color, especially when the skin below the neck and neck exposed when there are if the base color is too shallow, discord occurs "mask" effect.
&Nbsp;   try passing by the black and white pictures black and white photos of elegance is no substitute for, the key lies in your makeup and clothing colors should be appropriate. Rose and peach lipstick looks beautiful on any film, and bright red lipstick on black and white photographs are displayed as pure black, a little frightening. When you take black and white photos should also pay attention to put a thin layer of Foundation of a similar, and skin color, skin's natural color natural blooms. Taking clothes apart from skin color, if your bridesmaids to wear light colored dress, you could suggest they wear brightly colored jewelry or wearing colored shawl.
&Nbsp;   strike a perfect pose to remember, always keep the shoulders back, arms in natural bending the elbows; arm don't sit too close to your body, and don't let the bouquet clung to the lower jaw, because it poses will affect results. If you're confident in his arm lines, you might consider putting on an organza Cape, would draw people's attention to your shoulders and sexy on the collarbone.
&Nbsp;   in addition, this posture can make you look a bit thinner: standing with feet apart, one foot in front and slightly curved front knee, upper body tilted slightly. In this State, you look as confident as a professional model.
&Nbsp;   clever use of natural light is the most valuable piece of props. Skinny beautiful in the evening light can add luster to your photo. If the light is too strong, you can find some natural shade, such as standing under the dense trees. Shading can avoid eyes focus when taking photos, and makes you look more spirit. If the wedding is held during the winter months, may wish to take advantage of natural light; or in the panoramic Windows framing, or leaning out of the window, put yourself into the cold in nature, leaving a perfect image. BACK