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8 rules, stay away from "bride of dinosaurs"

&Nbsp;   1, and using good lunch time don't tied into employees restaurant in gossip root, while Office of quiet, sat in desk Qian developed action plans, read log determine dating time or made corresponding of update, if you of work is elastic work business, that on put lunch time used to work, then early one hours work, such you on can in Mall and venue closed yiqian arrived there.
&Nbsp;   2, flexibility in the use of existing resources as long as you don't write "wedding paper" large folders on his desk, that probably no one cares if you occasionally use the Office phone for personal use, or make your email address available to wedding vendors. Many homes don't have fax machines, Office fax number, you can leave to others, but make sure you have faxed you are standing by the fax machine. If your relationship with your boss is good, then this is no problem, but also remember to cut the other's private information.
&Nbsp;   3, and called with professional people if you of work partners can help have Shang busy, that big can to he/she help, certainly has, you is to paid to they of, but you need paid of costs will than hired wedding market Shang of professional people less have more, attention they among whether has designer, banquet food arranged Division, photographer, driver, hairstyles Division,.
&Nbsp;   4, use the time on the road you can plan a day trip on the way to work, put down the newspaper, specializing in wedding books and magazines. Perhaps you'll discover how ignorant you are, but you also can stay calm before the wedding.
&Nbsp;   5, leave as soon as possible once the wedding date, you should have in the days immediately before and after the scheduled vacation. If you leave too late, someone else is likely to have booked this vacation time, when we can only regret, sulk, have to spend more money.
&Nbsp;   6, learn to do every one priority if there are some things that can wait, it would be the first to one side, you shouldn't be nervous to accomplish can be left to do over the weekend, only some particularly nasty, and vital task well only when taking up work time, such as when you sign and fax the wedding insurance policy.
&Nbsp;   7, learn to let others help you complete a task you don't need everything handled, take advantage of enthusiasm to retire his parents and give them clear instructions and sufficient spending money, then rest assured that work. Similarly, you can ask those interested colleagues or friends for your wedding.
&Nbsp;   8, learn when to shut up, your wedding is not the priority for all of us, usually the people around you happy and then forgotten. This does not mean that they are rude, insensitive or jealous only because everyone has their own life. Don't become a wedding just care about boring, and people will knock you out all important meetings and social occasions. If you find the colleagues hid in the water or under the table to avoid you, and shut up you should get the picture. BACK