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Perfect wedding 10 keywords

&Nbsp;   dream wedding is what? Many factors of a successful wedding, any carelessness can leave irreparable regret, after all, the wedding is once in a lifetime. Refer to the recommendations of the experts, see if you have missed notes in the preparatory work, and how to do it better.
&Nbsp;   1, atmosphere atmosphere is a wonderful memory is the most important part of the future, choose your wedding theme, create a warm and romantic atmosphere.
&Nbsp;   is in need of attention, lively and does not make any noise, a good grasp of the "degree" was very important. A wonderful wedding that gives Yang doesn't want to get married person looking forward to also value marriage more married friends.
&Nbsp;   2, Bridal etiquette still remember every alley went up in firecrackers, children rush to run out shouting "myself to see the bride" scene? There is no doubt that brides is the wedding's biggest attraction, and every woman wants to own the most perfect wedding. Especially when you hold while the bridegroom ceremony, be sure to pay attention to facial expressions and gaits; your make-up, gestures, smiles will be the focus.
&Nbsp;   3, champagne champagne that Flash is one of the climax of the wedding. With the "pop" sound, it may be some music, some flower confetti. Best to entertain everyone with fine champagne, or when the guests excited and looking forward to drink but taste inferior wine after emotional, that is such a terrible thing.
&Nbsp;   4, bride wedding dress embodies the romantic feelings, infinite hope and longing, once in a lifetime wedding. Wear the wedding dress, you are our Princess. So, be sure to your wedding dresses spend some time and effort.
&Nbsp;   5, ring a little ring, and is the source of your happiness and make girls jealous to a scream is the biggest reason. However, wedding day, you may need to take off or put on more than once, so it's best to be careful care.
&Nbsp;   6, schedule prepare a schedule for the preparations for the wedding, detail arrangements and progress. Let you not so busy as to meimaohuziyibazhua, elaborate preparations would get organized, plan is twice the weapon.
&Nbsp;   7, from bouquets to cuisine, invitations to the greeting, you got yourself adds personality and every detail of the wedding, to have a memorable and unique wedding.
&Nbsp;   8, parents wedding not only a couple, to some degree, this is the Grand Festival of both parents and children thanks. Don't forget to with my parents and they choose the luxury package dresses and accessories.
&Nbsp;   9, their wedding photos in addition to the traditional, you can also take more full of erotic photos of daily life, such as two people in the kitchen cooking, housework, or mimic, wacky photos of classic movie plot. Can of course take a set of black and white photo, classic black and white never out.
&Nbsp;   10, naturally the right makeup to create the beautiful bride, but don't let the makeup artists turn you into a "Monster", thick Foundation or exaggerated eye makeup doesn't make you beautiful. Can communicate with the makeup artist several times before the wedding, try a variety of styles of makeup, set your favorite one. Only to find the makeup is so disproportionate to the wedding day, then change may be in trouble. BACK