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Jewelry and wedding n love

&Nbsp;   dressed in a white wedding dress, the bride is naturally focus on the wedding, if suitable matching Jewelry Accessories embellished with, not only to Dragon punch, interfacing more with wedding, bride's charm has doubled. You may have to your glorious moment to prepare the most beautiful accessories, but do you know how to make their wedding a splendorous do? Now, let your wedding with these beautiful regalia, out on a romantic date.
    A.  -Traditional wedding dress corset skirt design of the traditional wedding dress, diamond Crown of best classical taste, highlights the elegance of the bride. Moreover, due to the open collar of the dress has a great, so also in the chest to wear exquisite ornate necklaces. In order to highlight the overall elegant, elegant wedding, necklace, earrings which in due time in order to achieve the effect of green leaf blending red.
    B. Elastic materials, body-hugging designs wedding this wedding very slender, not suitable for large jewelry too exaggerated in keeping with the overall small, slender shape jewelry earrings, bracelets can reflect the bride's slender and elegant. When the dress itself when studded with decorative beads, lace, jewelry, choose small, so as not to steal, give the feeling of clutter vulgar.
&Nbsp;   c, short wedding dress-fashion forward towards practical fashion wedding dress has a characteristic mix jewellery. Flower garlands fashion temperament rather than the expensive diamond Crown sweet playful bride. And this dress only wore a gorgeous bracelet or a chic chain beat Bejeweled.
&Nbsp;   d, high neck wedding dress Turtleneck dress would have been no need to wear a necklace, not only not work, and original wedding dress design highlights to blot. Recommends that you select a sparkling Crown-shaped headdress, with a diamond earring, noble has a seamless beauty. If not a unique design of the brooch on, it shines.
&Nbsp;   e, wearing topless neck wedding dress wearing a luxurious inlaid with diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, emeralds, Opal round and gentle feather jewelry such as necklaces and Pearl necklace. If it is a pearl necklace, wear should be a string type, single string type should be equipped with a gemstone or diamond pendant is a plus.
&Nbsp;   f, short and long sleeves wedding dress short sleeve wedding dresses to wear the appropriate bracelet to form an overall aesthetic. Wearing a long-sleeved dress will cover the wrist when, you don't have to wear the bracelets, decorative parts should be transferred, wearing luxurious brooch or embellishment on the skirts of dazzling beauty of jewelry. Crown necklace, adding more can make a beautiful bride.
&Nbsp;   wise bride will not do a number of things:
&Nbsp;   a,   incorporates too much jewelry if you already wear a very striking necklace, earrings are simple, and vice versa. If you like wearing layers of bracelets and bangles on the wrist, the above only one piece (necklace and earrings) would be nice. If you do not want to become "tree", it is best not "overload".
&Nbsp;   b, wear make elegant wedding dresses on my foot while matching jewelry.
&Nbsp;   anklet or toe rings, luxury and exquisite wedding dress, not a luxury, they seem redundant.
&Nbsp;   c,   feel free to maybe low profile as usual you don't like too high profile, but never think that a low profile are free. Wedding day better off wearing ordinary jewelry daily, especially after dark evening wedding celebration, the bride should be replaced with a sense of design and eye-catching jewelry, refuse mediocrity. Otherwise, guests will think you paid enough attention to the scenes (naturally will not be attached to them). Also, if one of your bridesmaid or guest wear ceremoniously than you, and they will feel very awkward. BACK