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Featured wedding story wedding--unique flavor

&Nbsp;   not the same plan, interesting life story. Tired of secular wedding mode, you can browse more hundred years love Beijing wedding company for you design the distinctive flavor of a wedding story, showing the joy and happiness of life, play to the extreme happiness.
&Nbsp;   1, Dragon and Phoenix Chinese wedding red car, mighty procession of guard of honor, and the bride, lift lid ... ... Wear "fengguanxiapei, top service" or Qing dynasty Chinese dress, jacket of pure Chinese wedding is making a comeback, "the search for cultural roots, traditional folk" people became new "fashion", thought the Red Chair of addiction? Do you want to experience opened red hijab the moment shocked? On the choice of Chinese wedding ... ... 2, sacred pure white lily wedding many brides and grooms dream of a white wedding, but worried about was obstructed by the elders, is there a middle way? Recommend you a white lily wedding, with fresh flowers to decorate your wedding, "eternal love" the moral of the elders will certainly satisfied.
&Nbsp;   3, outdoor wedding in a field of green grass, pink and white balloons are intertwined to form a rainbow arch, the arch is made of 99 roses in the middle of two hearts, all the guests into a fantasy world from here ... ... 4, rose, rose is best for weddings, Red Roses symbolize love, paved with red roses to the happy road of roses, held a Grand Rose wedding, let the most classic wedding your wedding to add color and passion.
&Nbsp;   5, most unique wedding candle wedding is a European-style romantic candlelit wedding. Full of bourgeois pursuit of fashion trend is the most characteristic wedding form, by the collar green ignorant young people.
&Nbsp;   6, wedding at sea of soft sandy beaches, blue skies, and the wind blows, bringing you a wedding of nature.
&Nbsp;   7, and personality wedding if you has tired of has cookie of wedding mode, if you hope you of wedding can left more deep of memories, if you is focused on form by brings of sweet feel of fashion people, if you is like highlights personality of new new human, on fast to participate in these personality wedding's: yacht wedding, and running wedding, and Harbour wedding...... 8, mass weddings fresh, interesting, compelling the mass wedding will give you a different sense of happiness

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