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Can communicate, don't wait

&Nbsp;   a woman had just got married, living with the in-laws. One day, she found some fruits in the fridge, then easily took out the blender and put them into juice. Results mother-in-law has to drink several cups, also strongly praised.
&Nbsp;   from then on, she was often beaten juice into Kettle, put it in the refrigerator. Come home from work every day, she will discover that was empty. She was very happy, which is their means of communication and her mother-in-law.
&Nbsp;   until the day she left one hour earlier than usual, home accidentally saw, my mother-in-law was standing in the kitchen, a stream of juice of her hard into the sink! She came back into the room silently, more want more feel wronged, I thought: "she must have hated me, otherwise, why do such a thing? "
&Nbsp;   from then on, the wives don't want to work for her fruit juice. And she has become more and more sensitive. Washing the dishes slightly impact the mother-in-law, she felt she was in with her "demonstrations"; she said: "today the wind was", she was suspicious that her mother-in-law was "implied" floor not clean ... ... One day, the husband suddenly asked her: "you're mother is between what the problem? MOM said you will help her juices before, now are not doing that. "
&Nbsp;   woman, tears could not help but burst into tears and told her husband what happened 1510. Together with husband and wife to my mother and asked, "MOM, why do you want to pour the juices off? "
&Nbsp;   "I'm not! "
&Nbsp;   "I saw! "
&Nbsp;   mother-in-law thought for a moment and then came to say: "Oh!" I remember really is such a thing ... ... But ... ... The roaches crawling in the juice, I can not fall off? "
&Nbsp;   a cockroach caused misunderstanding, almost destroyed the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law had a good relationship. Afterwards, she ruefully said: "I really regret having spent too much time guessing. If I see her mother-in-law when pouring juice, immediately ask a clear all misunderstandings would not have happened! "
&Nbsp;   in the vast sea, why in many cases, we prefer to cover his head on my own tears, sadness, sometimes anger, rather than choose "ask"? Man is a strange animal, always like playing "guess" game, but our speculations, more often than not is a fact, just plain sad and angry too! Able to discuss things, immediately communicate to ask things, don't wait to make your life more comfortable! BACK