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See wife win three

&Nbsp;   of the couple things: confidante ultimately beats his wife directed by Wang Jun, Huang Lei, Chen and other excellent actress new urban drama starring the husband and wife who is in the midst of the broadcast. Huang Lei in the play "good man", "husband" is still, Chen turned vigorous and resolute women designers, the series from this firm "Dink" couples, and about the "Dink" emotions on the road, the story of the content:
&Nbsp;   Lin Jun and Tang Peng returned from the Maldives holidays, plane, Lin Jun and a couple with a baby in the same seat, funny kid is peeing a, feeling, though lovely, but the real trouble. Tang Peng met peers have children feel very frustrated, Lin Jun was happy that would like to enjoy life, 40 years old another child. Tang Peng can't wait, parents kept urging, he coaxed Lin Jun children patience pay careful everywhere, but Lin Jun was strictly enforced birth control, so he would have said no.
&Nbsp;   Don the father died a couple of conflicts broke out the fuse, Tang Peng distressed fathers fail to see their grandson before leaving, do not want MOM to unfortunately also, "either divorce or having children" under the ultimatum, Lin Jun gave in. But the two men "made man" plans did not go smoothly, Lin Jun too old, ectopic pregnancy abortions. Lin Jun because of this incident, from Dink became strongly want to have kids, the couple began working together "made man" battle, but Lin Jun suffered during pregnancy, eventually found infertile.
&Nbsp;   Lin Jun becomes sensitive, suspicious of despair and felt lips do not divorce her husband, does not think so, found him too many wrong places, female Assistant's budding extramarital affair began, Lin Jun hint caught many forced Tang Peng acknowledged.
&Nbsp;   Tang Peng felt too neurotic wife, persecuted every day complaining, I was too tired, he was tired of marriage. Lin Junsheng children like baoyang, despite Tang Peng against adopted Mayweather's children, husband and misunderstanding is growing. The two eventually divorced, Tang Peng and lover started to develop, but he found the scheming and manipulative lovers, wives worry about, but very pure, very sincere, he began to miss in the past. Lin Jun was once home hospital receiving treatment in Beijing, Lin Jun found herself pregnant after a divorce. Lin Jun did not tell Tang Peng about the pregnancy, she wants to birth children, Tang Peng hit career, Lin Jun sold the House to help him pay his debts, Tang Peng moved back to take care of Lin Jun.
&Nbsp;   users said: beauty confidant of intimate is terrible Menz played of Susan appearance pure Keren, smiling is has affinity, is easy and side of people close, has master graduated of high degree, in work Shang has himself of planning and efforts has added, while on Tang Peng meticulous of care, regardless of is he career Shang also is family Shang encountered has problem are hope himself first time in he side silently accompanied, while not to he any burden. This girl is a top confidante, has an independent personality, she good to scare people around, because you can't find her flaws, and said: "just because Susan did not do anything, it would be terrible. "
&Nbsp;   played by Menz that Susan is a contemporary society respected women, cute, young, independent and empathetic. Tang Peng in her 7 years ago when I'm frustrated gave Susan a flower, put the girl remembered his friendship, but 7 years later could meet, emotions nowadays and even a bit squeamish her Tang Peng have feelings, but as a sensible girl, she had been restrained myself, until finally he made the right choice. Susan is a very real modern girl Menz understanding and put a lot of effort in the play, presented in front of an audience that Susan is so popular. Also, this represents to "Susan" as a representative of a new generation of women, she is no longer like the seaweed is generally not economically, attached to a man, emotionally sane enough girls.
&Nbsp;   Chan teaches you how to mistress and confidante type PK role as standard in the city theme, the husband and wife Susan of things appeared doomed by controversy. Flower shop by chance met Tang Peng from the first set, triggering dust-laden affair and for many years past; to apply for job-seekers to become Tang Peng Assistant, constantly together with their dark romance people. Susan with a little bit of patience closer to Tang Peng, with more and more frequency full Tang Peng, Lin Jun couple world and Lin Jun alert is raised. Smooth but the event of a crisis, played by Chen Lin Jun decisively chose to defend the latter staged a high-IQ women love wrestling. Talk about two "ultimate PK", complaining about CHAN: "my attitude changed their line. "
&Nbsp;   asked: that the husband and wife that appeared three of feelings, which actually tells the story of three kinds of attitude after marriage, Anna's husband cheating again, Anna was very calm, she was classified as a marriage demand, recruited staff compared himself to remain in this marriage do you agree?
&Nbsp;   CHAN: well, I remember you said, Anna and says he is a million annual salary, right? Actually for the play when a couple of actors privately whisper, some lines, some circumstances will not be accepted. But I think after, such emotional States in reality exist, since there will be its raison d ' ĂȘtre, I would respect this attitude. Just speaking for myself, I certainly can't do it like Anna, I am an emotional need to feel respected by people in the world, once I find things are not like that, I may give up on earlier.
&Nbsp;   asked: the role of Susan in the play caused a great deal of controversy, and many wives female audience in an exclamation point, if young girls her husband met Susan would have fallen you last in the play is the means through which defended their marriage?
&Nbsp;   CHAN: to be honest, this movie has been finished for a long time now, many plots I have not quite remember. But I remember that last time, I was on the show will have a long talk to Susan, after a long talk, Susan left Tang Peng. That part of the content of the play is basically my own attitude, because I was on the original lines in the play is not endorsed, so lines are written by myself again. I did not went directly to her, but she realizes that, Tang Peng is unlikely to give it up for her family. Her girls aren't stupid, we got behind, I'm not a spoiler.
&Nbsp;   asked: Susan like middle-aged men in the play, because she thought the middle-aged man "like a moist piece of jade", in fact, you also belong to this type of man, also encountered you worry that one day in the life "Susan"?
&Nbsp;   Chen number: haha, first, I Mr not like a moist of jade; second words, I think woman married Hou must to keep on himself of construction, let other feel to you of body forever are has he also not understand of things, has new of taste, also has is life is need you many expand of, you also to has himself of hobby, himself of friends, such words this paragraph relationship only more firm. (Source: the Golden Goat), Huang Lei, said: small three middle-aged men is no way to ask: the couple things in the tough mistress and child, sympathy by many middle-aged men, their wives ' natural unhappiness.
&Nbsp;   Huang Lei: you saw yesterday set! Sure a lot of people have had similar experiences. Middle-aged men on the third, is no way to, you say a male boss, under a fresh from college girl crush on you and look good, people didn't say, is to love you in silence, what would you do? Simply refuse to hurt people, only words.
&Nbsp;   asked: women certainly don't think so, female viewers think the girl is very cute.
&Nbsp;   Huang Lei: in fact, more than one thing, men, women, and there were always differences, it is impossible to fully understand each other. A divorce, said personality, who and who actually has a different personality. Two people can become a couple, only thing is the most important, that is, values. Values when two people in a camp, and others can be corrected. So, each couple in the world may be happy, also divorced. (Source: Beijing Evening News) women who respond to different types of Mistress win back public women, not married becomes yellow face woman, or was robbed of husband is also deserve it. Summarizes some of the common for all three types of rivals and emerge victorious!
&Nbsp;   Pirates of the Caribbean-the "little three" objective is very clear, ruthless, usually robbery, but some are robbed, robbed of by the way. In short, stands on them, no corrosion on a lot, is not possible.
&Nbsp;   is said to have famous of "3377" event in the that 33, is history Shang most strong of Caribbean Pirate type "Mistress" of gorgeous representative Oh, this class small sangong Yu calculating, with said those disgusting of SMS is to men see of, than said is premeditated good to he of wife see of, this see not to, next again sent, until he wife see, and home cat weizhi. Man and his wife quarrel for the divorce, she immediately came to him, a look of open arms ready to meet. Think about it, how many women got so dirty "little three", the result most wife will divorce.
&Nbsp;   If the guilty man car deposits the House to his ex-wife, slowly, the "little three" man of true fire roasted squid roll man, again showed her infamous Pirates of the Caribbean. Men began carefully to his ex-wife said could give him the car, could give him the deposit, just not the people evicted from the original House, really can't pull the face!
&Nbsp;   pirates-"little three" went barren, at this time, the pirates "little three" will participate, she'll send harassing text messages directly to his ex-wife, calling in her husband's house or family relatives and friends daxiuen love, show you're a winner and a blog, wanted his ex-wife as Zhou Yu did was vomiting blood and die.
&Nbsp;   little loli-she may be your husband's friends and colleagues, in front of your husband as if she was a sweet little loli, no requirements, just need your husband with a little help from a little friendship, you can see their weak performance behind the strong desire?
&Nbsp;   Fox play cute is this class "Mistress" of specialty Oh, they looks is innocent is innocent, being with you this victims of surface and you home men flirting, not know of people really of will think they is happiness of pair, she often ventilation like midnight Pack luggage make moved, and you husband is is she Queen's of Porter, if you angry has small Laura Lisa will to you apologized, a face next door sister like innocent, you can pulled Xia face reprimanded this a face innocent of small sister did? Your husband, but her idol Oh, can you be so cruel to break her little dream?
&Nbsp;   but you can not think of is, the innocent mortals loli sisters is a face turn your husband into her husband. Look at these three classic texts:
&Nbsp;   "did your wife back? The boy disappeared, remember to think I Oh, pigs. "
&Nbsp;   "but I would hate to you, just leave you now want Oh, pigs. "
&Nbsp;   "inconvenient information and it will not back out, I send you good. "
&Nbsp;   "I want a ring as a gift, please? So that gave me the feeling you had married me, our 3 years instead of minutes together. "
&Nbsp;   "check why your wife you? I won't, my husband wanted to try to go outside, so why love can be eternal vitality, unconfident woman found her husband ... ... You should marry my wife, stupid! "
&Nbsp;   face is people, is behind the ghost. Victims, you feel the little loli infernal bad.
&Nbsp;   such as Zhuge kongming Zhuge kongming "little three" is "little three" best in their brains than breasts fuller, they don't like pirates of the Caribbean "third wheel" that brute force, not slowly like little loli take time to formulate your husband. They are too cunning.
&Nbsp;   This is a being of such "small" infernal woman's story. "Third wheel" surfaced later, my husband offered "little three" cut and had to start all over again. Did not expect "little three" was offered to her on the phone, her sister is affectionately called, to guilty tone, tell her how to communicate with her husband: "everything was planned by him. He eats a bowl of pot, he says you are a piece of cloth on me girlie, yellow face, on your first wife, these men are too bad, we are victims, Ah sister! "" Third wheel "cried more than devastated her victims," third wheel "broke the word again and again into her acupuncture points, the" third wheel "that bone wadding she no longer hates the third party, and with the money of the enemy," woman ". She listened to the "little three" advice, throw out the garbage man.
&Nbsp;  , however, made her vomit blood is now, divorced, "little three" back foot before moving into his home. Pushing her own husband ready to go home to a "third wheel" in his hand, regret I really want to find a tofu killed it.
&Nbsp;   her painful experience, decided to put men back. She was going in his own way, his own medicine, however, her "little three" before when you say bad things about her ex-husband, woman scorned by that miserable: "elder sister, creative good, I invented tricks to swim, you brain damage. "
&Nbsp;   opportunity finally came, former father-in-law was ill, cancer. Critical time will tell, "Mistress" was actually a dirty b afraid of suffering, take care of father flashed a few days before, her ex-husband says he wants her to take care of. In turn, she lose, and money and effort to take care of the old man's death. Thought her ex-husband was going to be with her.
&Nbsp;   unexpectedly, former father-in-law dies, her ex-husband asks her to move out. He said three is a little lazy, but I still love her, not to mention, she was trying to put his dad found a free babysitter.