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Western wedding in analysis of cultural differences

    1. The cultural connotation of Chinese wedding 1) plain meaning from the blessing of heaven is simple and true to declare   celebrate the catharsis it is complete before the wedding. Chinese culture spirit of faith without religion, but still there will be no interpretation of a poetic and romantic mystique of secular life.
&Nbsp;   Maghrib in the five rites are for example, Crown, JI Li is the second after the second milestone in life. As dusk sky sunset Maghrib, serenity is profound. Realize the ancient ancestors of the universe this is really the most simple awareness idea: human nature, nature. Then Maghrib is not much music, not too much celebration, simple clean, heavy meaning couples with your loving grace. Evening clothes are not green, the bride and groom were dressed in elegant black black dress. Heaven and Earth, loving couples. Since then death, then family. So the book of rites: "Maghrib, better on the second last name, based on the ancestral temple, and worked under the later, a gentleman. "Their attitudes to Maghrib is" respect is then carefully "Maghrib called a" courtesy gift ". Maybe modern people are too poor and repressed, the wedding turned into a rare happy event, people would think of ways to comfort themselves. Chinese traditional wedding later, festive compositions more and more, that people today brought the traditional wedding, emerged in an instant impression is banging away, Crimson.
&Nbsp;   traditional Chinese wedding ceremony, General to heighten the festive red, warm atmosphere. Good luck and blessings, your wedding theme. The saying goes "music and sound", almost every item in wedding etiquette penetration of Chinese philosophy. "Red" in the eyes of the Chinese people are happy, successful, Geely and loyalty symbol and the meaning of prosperity. This stems from ancient worship of the Sun God. Red posted on the traditional wedding, to the bride's face was red hijab, Kyrgyzstan suits are red coat of the bride, the groom wearing red across the chest, and so on. These red costumes will not only bring a festive atmosphere to the wedding, and also indicates the couple days will be more prosperous after the wedding.
&Nbsp;   2) marriage reflect the heaven harmony Gao Wei, a famous folklore believes that many of the traditional marriage ceremony reflects the Chinese people yearn for "world in harmony" philosophy, Ying Xiang cultural psychology, and people praying. Because marriage in the traditional sense is not only related to the parties to a marriage, but the two families and the whole society. Through a series of rituals marital grave, attracted the attention of party friends and relatives to the marriage itself. Behind it contains the concept of world fusion.
&Nbsp;   formal and solemn, list of friends and relatives to prove itself, is not random, which combined with the emphasis on harmony between man and man. Due to the marriage, made two of the family formed by marriage. Ceremony of parents in the family status.
&Nbsp;   at the end of the ceremony, the bride and groom to worship money and mounting must be placed in the money out into the courtyard and incineration. With plumes of flame, paper, firecrackers gongs, gongs, said it had been a "Heaven" recognition.
&Nbsp;   Chinese both respect, and agricultural production level. At that time must be based on family ties, and natural living principles. So only heaven, oneness, harmony, talents to improve.
&Nbsp;  , for example, there are many decorative objects in the traditional wedding, and the taboo of taboos, participants. Like mother best man not of those persons. It says it is worried about is not as vulgar interpretation "unlucky" impact Rookie, but because of tradition, widows showed a jarring, incomplete, and is contrary to the original intention of praying ceremony to the world. So with such a taboo.
&Nbsp;   instrument used in many reflected the traditional wedding of "harmony" thoughts and "days" attention. Gongs and drums, suona, sheng was dominated by sound brighter, nor a scholar of music enjoyment on your wedding day, but to express the human voice, loud enough to make "day" know and reflect the Grand marriage itself. Participants in the four bass drums, both sides can feel in the way sound of gongs to the purification of the soul. People live between heaven and Earth, heaven and harmony, harmony with others. Blessing Ying Xiang Chinese, which is such a reflection of the social and cultural psychology.
&Nbsp;   3) Customs cultural significance he xingliang, a professor in the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of culture and civilization wrote: every culture can be divided into explicit culture and implicit culture in two parts. Explicit culture, including material culture (culture or science and technology), socio-cultural (or system), part spiritual culture. Socio-cultural or institutional culture is the relationship between people and cultures, mainly in order to live in harmony with others to maintain collective creation, spiritual culture is culture the relationship between man and himself, it is human beings in order to overcome their emotional, psychological, cognitive difficulties and frustration, worry and anxiety creates. Hide explicit and implicit culture is the culture behind the structure or model. Symbol constitutes an important part of the culture, it is to convey meaning or important information forms, man and man, man and society contacts, an important means of communicating with each other, plays an important role in people's lives. Every nation has a large number of symbols and these symbols are often only this group can understand. For example, Chinese traditional wedding, brides usually eat dates, peanuts, longan, melon seeds, these four food symbol "early birth", and this symbolism is only Han Chinese and understand Chinese culture can understand its significance.
&Nbsp;   so, spread to the now "traditional" wedding ", the" marriage "can be seen," ceremony "and a few much? Chinese wedding original fresh face has been lost in history, in addition to the concise written records of their ancestors, and only at the wedding ceremony of former students in Japan and South Korea also be identified vaguely in character. Also considered as a "loss of various wild." At times a wry smile: Chinese traditional returned again in China, we also become exotic. Japan and Korea's traditional wedding, both newcomers and guests will pay special attention to a dignified and devout atmosphere, so we admire once dressed, then pain in their "traditional" game too. When gorgeous vulgar instead of the elegant and stately when easily replacing the dignified and generous, when noisy playfulness replaces ceremony style ... ... Faded peach still again the young person? BACK