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Groomsmen bridesmaids complete Handbook

&Nbsp;   marriage preparation is a very trivial and complex, new people may wish to select groomsmen bridesmaids with yourself to complete, this will not only reduce the workload and contributing to a more complete and detailed the marriage preparation, and lay the Foundation for a perfect wedding.
&Nbsp;   best man tie new preparations 1, achieving viewing site and follow the Bride Bridesmaids in different, more coordination responsibilities of the best man at the wedding. Best man to new arrangements in advance is very necessary to look at the site. Best man must first be familiar with the features of wedding venues, arrangement or arrangements on the ground so that the wedding day when there is a situation, there is adequate emergency measures.
&Nbsp;   2, and help confirm the wedding wedding company communication processes and engage personnel in charge of the program, if you bring your own car should also be confirmed in advance. Wedding day if arranged surprise new show. Prior to the wedding company communication, parties to prepare.
&Nbsp;   maid of honor with the preparation of new work 1, to accompany the bride choose wedding dress and accessories the bride's wedding dress should be accompanied by bridesmaids to buy or customize. On one hand can be identified at an early stage by bridal wedding dress style bridesmaid dress type, on the other hand in accordance with the understanding of the maid of honor to bride give a fair choice recommendations.
&Nbsp;   2, communicate with the wedding bridesmaids and wedding company communication is different from the best man, its work is generally around the bride to be, if this is the first time a bridesmaid, wedding planner should be detailed consultation what are the wedding day. Which projects need to meet a bridesmaid in the process, how do we get in place.
&Nbsp;   wedding day wedding maid of honor responsibilities 1, preparations for the wedding day, groomsmen make sure the groom got up on time to wash, dress up and have not forgotten items. Accompanying the groom decorated the wedding car, the bride holding flowers. At the Bride Bridesmaids with at least 2-3 hours. Help bride counting ceremony supplies.
&Nbsp;   2, married at the ceremony to marry, the best man at war on behalf of the groom with the bride's sisters, to help groom successfully marries the beauty. Bridesmaids and tried to a full groom. Don't let him easily in the bride married, ready for all kinds of problems to see if the groom. In addition to carrying tissues, so as not to go out when the bride to leave their parents and tears destroy makeup.
&Nbsp;   wedding held accused of point 1, greeted the guests accompanied by groomsmen bridesmaids in addition to newcomers came together to meet and thank the guests outside, while in front of the Hall to serve as reception work, guide guests seated, bridesmaids also specially prepared a small Pack to help newcomers to temporarily store gift, welcome again at the end gave the gift to the couple or family of the couple at the right time.
&Nbsp;   2, during the wedding ceremony the couple is the protagonist, groomsmen bridesmaids duties is simple but also very important, the best man is responsible for custody of the couple's ring, was given away in time or in a ring pillow, ring pillow on the maid of honor is responsible for holding, when the couple exchanged rings specialty to help the bride's bouquet, and boil wedding dress for bride's tail.
&Nbsp;   3, changing process about three sets of clothing for the bride, dress up bride and bridesmaids also was called upon to assist the garment and see if the makeup. If necessary to change accessories or jewelry, bridesmaids must remember to change the jewelry carefully kept away so as not to lose, the best man to help check clothing have a problem if there are stains quickly erased. BACK