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7 wedding etiquette tips

    1. Division of basic programs and do more homework in advance about the wedding. Planner, mains, master of ceremonies, makeup artist and photographer photographers, florists, fleet, vehicle management, bands, and so on, should be a clear division of labor. New people do know, better and intervening with the wedding company.
&Nbsp;   2, confirm the legality of the wedding company operating without a business license, according to the Department of business administration, operators are required to "operating", and then, to understand its technical personnel such as photographers, cinematographers, there is no qualification certificate issued by the Labor Bureau.
&Nbsp;   3, go to the wedding company consulting not blindly rely on telephone consultation. Wedding is a special commodity, telephone inquiry cannot be fully informed of the wedding to the actual situation. This and commodities, products of the same brand, operators of pursuit of profit of different pricing is different.
&Nbsp;   4, to learn to analyze the wedding ads look in the newspapers, in fact, is a few square meters of the door face, also wrote dozens of wedding cars, luxury car and lengthened, potentially, this wedding to the actual situation and the practical difference is very big. So many advertising campaigns, prospective new people should know and then make a selection.
&Nbsp;   5, to receive wedding services for advice based on the herd mentality of the couple, when selecting a wedding service, be sure to ask relatives and friends, recommended by them for their own companies that provide wedding services. This is very important, in General, these companies have a high degree of credibility and good reputation, operating for a long time, various contracts improve, the charges are reasonable.
&Nbsp;   6, understanding wedding operator's economic strength and the Manager of the quality of a table, a telephone wedding company is no guarantee of, smashed wedding even solvency does not exist. Not based on economic strength, is not ad to speaking commitments.
&Nbsp;   7, the right to face price wars good wedding company is larger, complete the procedures, with high planning level, experienced professionals such as "hardware, and the charges should be based on the current market price for reference, relatively reasonable prices and strict compliance with the contract. But there are some small company, operating without a license, or ultra-shine operation, various procedures are not perfect, because there is no strong economic strength relies on, wedding services are harder to get quality guarantee. If the new pursuit of low prices will inevitably fall. BACK