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12 beauty reminds

&Nbsp;   bride! Upon completion of the bride before marriage and maintenance courses at the same time, must pay attention to the following 12 skin beauty advice!
&Nbsp;   1. face most slow to in 1 months Qian must to began maintenance; 2. married Qian 7 days must to completely clean skin; 3. less eat sweets and less drink alcohol beverage; 4. meal to eat 7 points full limited, more eat fruit; 5. fruit to tomato, and pineapple, and watermelon, and Apple mainly; 6. as water, meals also drink 1 big cup water; 7. food as light, not salt, and spicy, and greasy ; 8. often for body massage maintenance, also don't forget has body of removal horny; 9. daily of clean work are must completely; 10. using of water temperature best and temperature close, because too cold will let pores to opened, dirt easily off, too hot is will damage sebum film; 11. tie balanced of food and the movement; 12. grasp gold of sleep period, as in night 11 o'clock yiqian bed. BACK