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12 the groom should know about

&Nbsp;   you have made a very important decision, and now is the time to put your decision into practice, here are some tips that will help you pass the "wedding" closed ", and has a cozy honeymoon.
    1. Groom do wedding party food, music, arranged marriages, picked best man bride and bridesmaids gifts, pick the best man and their costume, bride and groom determine guest list together, arrange your honeymoon, preparing accommodation for the guests coming from afar, and so on.
&Nbsp;   2, pick a groomsmen who was chosen as the best man, it is a great tribute to him. If you have a large group of objects that can be selected, taking into account the most important duties of the groomsmen in your wedding is what, and then decide who will undertake this important mission. If it's really hard to choose one of them, also does not have a law that you can't have two groomsmen.
&Nbsp;   3, buy your wedding rings at the top is one thing, to buy for your wedding rings, usually this task is completed you and your bride-to-be. Of course, do you want to wear a ring on your wedding day, it is your personal preference.
&Nbsp;   4, looking for a suitable dress "when you are full when looking for a suitable dress at the end of the street, don't forget to help him combined with a close-fitting shirt and leather shoes. "Professional dress designers will advise the groom," is the most important part of the shoulder. It should be easy enough, you stretch freely, without being they broke your triceps. "
&Nbsp;   5, who will pay the costs?
&Nbsp;   traditional Western weddings, the groom and his family need to pay the following charges in the wedding: rings, gifts for bride and groom their own clothing, marriage registration fees, the bride's bouquet and corsage of the bride's parents and relatives, groomsmen gifts, honeymoon costs, etc. Finally, of course, have to pay for your Bachelor Party, unless your the best man who offers friendship to help.
&Nbsp;   6, speaking loudly speak out to spend some time and effort preparing your speech, you must let your natural and usual in speech. You can always write down what you want to say in a notebook, and modify them, know that you think that the speech really feels natural and happy.
&Nbsp;   7, on your way to never be late for the movie actor, often in the last minutes before the ceremony began, but this is by no means your bride hope. Traffic jams? Things down? Whether it is really hard to avoid late? It depends on you and your groomsmen. Find groomsmen reminds you of a punctual schedule, and arrange for a reliable new car. If you don't listen to your old car gave out. Now is the time to change it. You can open your favorite car or do you like to go to the Auditorium, only a little, don't be late!
&Nbsp;   8, a night to remember whether it's a wedding the night before "the Bachelor farewell party", or "yikeqianjin" on their wedding night, you best man played an important role. Must make sure that he understood your true intentions, if you have any ideas. No matter what activities have been arranged, before communication was necessary.
&Nbsp;   9, gift lists, don't underestimate the power of your friends. They may be wandering department store, don't know what to prepare for your wedding gift? In that case, why not give them a list, tell them that you have always wanted a brand of wine, or let them directly for your honeymoon "fund-raising"? There are so many things to choose from, so you and your guests make a list!
&Nbsp;   10, prepared for your groomsmen a gift for his wedding before you, and help you out in the banquet, at your side when you need care, so after you have finished your life, don't forget to give your groomsmen a COOL gift. Love, friendship forever!
&Nbsp;   11, schedule the day of the wedding day morning you might be too busy to head, in order to be the probability of error to a minimum, the wedding day morning, you need to be listed to be done today, confirmed one by one. For example, your corsage ready yet? Did ring to the best man? Give presents of the guests do? Your wedding needs is sent to the hotel? Where is your coat?
&Nbsp;   12, enjoy your wedding, this is the last and most important point. Not some inevitable minor throat and arms and don't let bad weather put you into a melancholy Prince, not as a hotel waiter neglect the light the fire, don't you accidentally glued to the stains on uncomfortable (no one will really care about this). Remember, today will be the happiest day of your life, and your loved ones enjoy this moment! BACK