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Before marriage and after marriage change

&Nbsp;   a, Avid politicians: matter-of-factly said to his girlfriend before marriage: after we got married, and will never seek hegemony for you! Would not have called you! Not to hit you!
&Nbsp;   bad attitude after marriage to wife: is firmly opposed to any form of "bed", "twice a day" no change for 50 years.
&Nbsp;   b, Star-FRANS: classic expression before marriage: I was your boyfriend (an actor), I feel for you from the inside out, from the outside to the inside. ... The King of comedy
&Nbsp;   marriage confession: there used to be a quiet single life in front of me, I do not cherish, until I got married after it's too late. ... The westward
&Nbsp;   c, von fans: see the midnight movie with his girlfriend before marriage, talk on the phone when the phone invites is the endless, waiting at the door of the theater of beauty is not to leave, after you begin seeds dried sweet potato drink, was served a big shot
&Nbsp;   married with wife see the midnight movie Centennial meet, too "trouble" (Please read this word in Sichuan dialect), begin in half an hour is not a cell phone is snoring.
&Nbsp;   d, Economist, madly in love with his girlfriend before marriage eventually swayed as the value curve, there are ups and downs, emotionally unconventional.
&Nbsp;   married materialistic society, sprouting passion inside there is an invisible hand at work, commonly known as the "third party"
&Nbsp;   e, Chinese language and literature: before "fall in love" is three words, three stages of emotional development, first mark out surface talk of the day, as "on" structure and Word structure, dominated by language at this stage. After the trap, one day apart seems like "love", if the first phase of the "word" character alongside their talk, the stage of love is to "mind" feelings, all the lovers often turn for this segment. The last stage is "love", in some kind of legal confirmation, as I do not say it. ...
&Nbsp;   after "live" is three words, said three planes (or three kinds of sorry). First of all, quiet single life, the kind of list of American freedom became less "live". After life boring, the cycle of "the Office" to "Greek dreams" of boredom caused by the couple (two days) argument. Finally is the "child" was born, banknotes are rarely played, to his son for a paper towel into your studies.
&Nbsp;   f, programmer: before marriage was "patch", it has two meanings. First, admits she has flaws, and allow the defect exists, because the program cannot be changed. Next: changing herself to meet her, and, ultimately, to make up for her shortcomings. Although the "patches" and not fundamentally works, but does not preclude the patch lovers wave upon wave, get rid of.
&Nbsp;   married is "source code", which has two rules. First, married life there are only two components of "0" (meaning constant fighting), and "1" (for temporary solutions or calm). Second, regardless of the starting of the program code is "0" or "1", the final end of code must be "0"
&Nbsp;   g, version three, had a dispute with his girlfriend before marriage, strategy is often "captured Meng Huo seven" WINS you one horse.
&Nbsp;   to wife after marriage dispute, tactically is often "the six expeditions to Qishan" trying, failing, and trying again, repeatedly defeated and war.
&Nbsp;   h, all men are brothers: mother-in-law before marriage was: Sung masters---a thought amnesty is married to wife:--King of Chao Gai do follow my orders.
&Nbsp;   I, popular version: married ex-girlfriend accidentally gone, up and she was in bed crying for a long time.
&Nbsp;   after marriage and wife more tracks, I was almost crying on the bed before I finished.
&Nbsp;   j, current version: maiden Middle East peace process, proposed road of twists and turns, revolution has not succeeded yet, comrades should still work hard!
&Nbsp;   after marriage is the Iraq war, have so far failed to find reasons for marriage, leading to a depressing quagmire deeper unable to extricate themselves. BACK