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Teach you a happy marriage cheats

&Nbsp;   Wenger? Julie is the United States a marriage expert, he wrote a book called the happiness of marriage. In order to improve the circulation of the book, he decides to hire a representative, as the spokesman of the book.
&Nbsp;   Valentine's Day 2006, a couple is United States cable television networks (CNN) launched, they were 102-year old husband, wife Gwen Landis and 101. On this day, they became United States News, because of rising divorce rates United States, they set a record, the marriage lasted for 78 years.
&Nbsp;   Julian, spokesman for the happy marriage book, not belong to them. So, get in touch with them through news department, and get an answer quickly. Say, you can! However, they have to take a look at manuscripts, so that some counterfeit marriage experts with their banner, promote your theory. They told the author the best condensed book, because people who have old eyes, didn't have the energy to read through the manuscript. According to instructions, Julie shanfanjiujian of the happiness of marriage, outlined "a principle", "three laws" and "great consensus".
&Nbsp;  , the principles of good looking for a good man, himself being a good person. Who can do this, marriage is not happy.
&Nbsp;   two or three major Mrs Law 1, law number one: wife is always right; the second: If the wife is wrong, please refer to the first section.
&Nbsp;   2, law of children first: children are always the children, the husband was a child; the second: when your husband unhappiness, and please read the article three times.
&Nbsp;   3, family property law article: in addition to a double outside, everything else is dispensable; article: when life was more complicated, common article aloud.
&Nbsp;   couples follow the three laws, all experts on marriage in the world, will find another way out.
&Nbsp;   top three or five consensus--the couple to have the consensus:
&Nbsp;   1, love was tied together two people, marriage is tied together a group of people.
&Nbsp;   2, to marry means to shafujipin, in the financial domination of not egalitarianism, not to haggle.
&Nbsp;   3, when there are conflicts between couples, to persuade more people, conflict less easy to solve, need to learn self digestion.
&Nbsp;   4, marriage is a machine, failure is inevitable, without routine adjustments and maintenance.
&Nbsp;   5, refuge for families since it is hiding something, marriage should be the ability to den.
&Nbsp;   Julian after they sent out outlines, received Mr Landis reply soon. Letter read: Mr Julian, you provide the marriage laws, I read it to my wife, and she almost died laughing last. She said if your law has received just two days in advance, can avoid a quarrel with me yesterday. However, she also let me here express gratitude to you. She said she will follow later. Of course, if feasible, she didn't. Here, I would like to tell you a word in private, it's my wife once said to me: "in this world, even the happiest marriages, life would have 200 times the idea of divorce and 50 strangle each other's ideas. "
&Nbsp;   soon, Arsene Wenger? Julie's happy marriage is published, Mrs Landis's words were printed on the cover. BACK