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The secret to successful marriage

&Nbsp;   step into the married woman since that moment, hope and their partners work together and die together. Every woman want to be able to have a perfect and successful marriage, but marriage is not, nor man, depends on the woman's hands and wisdom won. Provide some experience only for reference.
&Nbsp;  , grasping the economic lifeline of men are poor financial management, so fiscal responsibility naturally falls on the woman's shoulder, grasp the economic lifeline, not only can effectively prevent the unnecessary waste of economic, can also to some extent to prevent the man is cheating. Man up, and no money is hard to do, although many young girls of apologies like married men of mature and humor, if the married man took all the money, maturity and sense of humor become flowers in the mirror in water, makes no sense. But this problem here, man, after all, needs outside entertainment, moderate is to give money, not make him too shabby, or he'll think a lot of ways.
&Nbsp;   II, give the man a little space this is old topic, although almost every article talking about how women marriage articles mentioned that, but lots of women still do not. Often heard women say: my husband gave their full physical and psychological, why did he betray me. Mouse heard the full physical and mental, we felt it was really frightening, if a woman put all my heart into a man, this man is more than happiness, in fact, is particularly depressing, a woman too much love will make the man feel out of breath. Many men have this condition: organized dinners, always with his wife leave, others are to trouble the boss to leave for him, because of his strict tutor, my wife would never allow yourself to eat out. Love women, for men, in fact, become a shackle or a pressure, the consequence of this is pretty terrible. Woman has her parents, her sister, their classmates, their friends, their colleagues, and we could bring some distraction to them, do not put effort into her husband. This specific approach is: moderate to man some space, say he was going to accompany friend to drink or for dinner, or go to karaoke with my friends, go play with Alice driving, let him go, a good grasp.
&Nbsp;   period of three and used with caution about a woman in love, liked to tell her boyfriend about some happy things, although at that time also a lot, but men love to listen to. After their marriage, that always spoke pleasant little girl was gone, replaced with a total some troubling old maid, after those annoying things women relaxed, men were suppressed, often listening to the annoying thing, frighten many men are afraid to go home. Women may wish to consciously pay attention to this point, men also have psychological needs of, men are not happy, a woman may wish to lay down their own troubles, something happy, makes her man happy, and this is easier to understand each other.
&Nbsp;   four, involving men in family life there are a lot of women said: for so many years, are the one doing the housework for me, is my taking care of her in-laws, all are my children. Mouse had to admire the woman's kindness and patience, but have you ever thought, produced by man, in addition to the big man, said his wife has a yellow face woman, obviously, men who don't participate in family life are not ungrateful, if some women meet men who are very conscious of, then of course the best. If not, that would require women to the men to do some housework, not an excuse to listen to those social, women are not nannies, not slaves. In family life, men and women have an equal right to participate, who take care of who, who does not exist to serve who, for whom service problems. Of course maybe some men will say: men put their energy into these things, who's going to make money, and who is going to handle events. Mouse tell you, men who play every night to socialize, play overtime, in addition to taking the official excuse outside porn, is the people who don't know what to do all day. No deal will be more important than things like eating, do not believe you can try, the company ten days doesn't work, your ten days without eating a try. Have a stable family, men will have more energy to do things outside. Don't fear that modest chores can influence your man's energy, outside is the true hero of the men returned home, like kittens, willing to listen to the disposal of the wife.
&Nbsp;   five, just because their children while ignoring the husband it is said that child marriage is a third party, so many people choose a Dink. Many women have children later due to physiological and psychological changes, all the energy and all the love for the children, the home of the big boy, my baby daddy can only after the child is asleep can be divided into a little wife loves. Women take care of the children, it's not wrong, but don't forget that this child, your men have, he also needs to pay for his love, and your man, you also need to give love, don't be selective, making men feel left out. It's easier for him to move. Remember, kids, don't skip the home to the big boys.
&Nbsp;   six, calm and express their needs a lot of women married men who say they own less, don't have to say anything before the wedding, he would know how to make some surprise marriage, only to find that he became less and less romantic. In fact, the reason is very simple, men before marriage and you're not a family, naturally he will be at pains to curry favor with you, you need some way to tempt him. And married Hou, he and you into has family, love change into has family and habits, again like yiqian so do, some men will think disgusting, also has a more important of reasons is, married Hou, men put more of energy put to has work and money Shang, they hope through earned more of money, to to himself of woman they by think of that happiness. So in this case, the method women use hint, innuendo, sometimes not so properly. This time, women need to frankly express their needs, if you don't, your man will see you are happy, when you say that most men are willing to do, after all, they love their women, but their awareness of happiness with a woman on the dislocation. Women need happiness, is built on a foundation of care. And married men think that, as long as the rich material to the woman, and they will be happy. This dislocation is understanding, is not a man of heart, nor men love their woman. Women who derailed as a result of advice, get back in time, the affair of the words you man just a pleasing to you, this is there is an essential difference to you. True to you, only your own husband, wanted a birthday present told her husband, wanted to go shopping will tell her husband. If you really did, you'd find out, your relationship will change greatly, your life will become passionate and fulfilling.
&Nbsp;   seven, bear the burden of romantic man will quickly revert to the true colors after marriage, love those super long play by EQ to zero, while the woman's emotional needs is time with the two of them together and growing, that there was an imbalance. In fact, men also need romantic, just do not know how to make the most of the time, or because of pressure of work to think about. At this point, the woman can undertake the burden of romance, the marriage is going to shine. BACK